Dear My Only One

i love you

you know i’m desperately in love with you
and i’m gonna marry you,
i’m ready to see your face every single day for the rest of my life
we’ll be great parents
we’ll have beautiful babies
we’ll keep falling in love with each other each day.
i’ll hug you in every chance i get
i’ll kiss you as well
so, dont be mad if you think im a little bit annoying for not letting you go to work
i’ll make you breakfast
prepare you clothes
pray behind you
waiting for you to come home (so dont come home late, you’ll be amazed how many phone calls i could make)
i’ll make your dinner in any hour you want.
we’ll be happy
i can make sure of that.
you’ll have a good job
you can pay all the bills we both have.
when we sleep, oh please hug me from behind… i love that thing, feels like you would never let me go.

and baby, you’re amazing ❤️ dont ever tell yourself that you are not

i love you.
fuc*ing love you.
and it’ll be a pleasure to have you as my partner for life, my dearest Mr.Z


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